Dr Pablo Acuña

Profesor Asistente
Departamento Ingeniería Eléctrica

Oficina 13, Edificio de Tecnologías Industriales


Áreas de Investigación

Energía Eléctrica

Electronica de Potencia

Sistemas Eléctricos de Potencia

Conversión de Energía


Doctor in Science in Electrical Engineering (2013) specialised in Power Electronics and Control System Design (Model Predictive Control) with a strong focus on High-Power Energy Conversion Systems. Have led hands-on learning and research activities using control platforms and embedded systems (dSpace/DSP/FPGA), real-time simulation of power systems and hardware in the loop (RTDS/Opal-RT) technologies. Recognized as an expert in hardware-prototyping (PCB design) to deploy scale-down test rigs (power electronics converters). My research area includes electrical power conversion systems and their applications in transportation, industry and utility.

Grados Académicos:

Ingeniero Civil Electrónico, Universidad de Concepción, Chile,2007

Doctor en Ciencias de la Ingeniería con Mención Ingeniería Eléctrica, Universidad de Concepción, Chile, 2013

Publicaciones :

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  1. Instantaneous Grid Support Functions for Scaling-up Utility-Scale Photovoltaic Power Plants Via Cascaded Multilevel-Multistring Inverters, FONDECYT REGULAR, 2019-2022, Electrónica de Potencia




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